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A4tech HS-28i - BLACK - Stereo Headset, Single Pin Comfort Fit Stereo Headset/Flexible Mic, Removable And Washable Ear Cushion, 2m Cable Length, 4 Pin Converter Adapter Cable

A4 Tech brings you its HS-28 headphones with an innovative on-ear volume knob to adjust sound. The headphones are made of durable material to last longer. With a 3.5 mm jack it is compatible with almost every device possible and lets your experience superior audio with deep and top notched bass.

These HS-28 headphones come with a 58 dB mic to detect low-level sound with ease. The mic is flexible which bends easily for hassle free use. The cushioned ear cups does not irritated your ears so that you can use the headphones for long hours without any discomfort. A4 Tech HS-28 headphones has a 2 m cable for hassle-free use.

The headphones come with easy-to-clean removable ear cushions to keep them clean after use. With 40 mm speakers, you get to hear every beat, crash, and rhythm by blocking external noise.

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